5 key lectures from Ritsuo Shingo

Former President of Toyota China

Inspire yourself and your company to be the best in the world

Duration: 60 minutes lecture + 30 minutes Questions & Answers on each day
Language: English
Platform: Zoom
Price: see table below
Start Time: 9 A.M. Italian Time

  • Day1: 6th June 2022 – What is Toyota Production System – part 1 (€200 + IVA)
  • Day2: 20th June 2022 time: 9.00 AM – What is Toyota Production System – part 2 (€200 + IVA)
  • Day3: 27th June 2022 time: 9.00 AM – Leadership and Building people (€200 + IVA)
  • Day4: 4th July 2022 time: 9.00 AM – Problem solving and continuous improvement (€200 + IVA)
  • Day5: 11th July 2022 time: 9.00 AM – Suppliers management (€200 + IVA)
  • Whole package – 5 days, for one participant (€800 + IVA)
  • Whole package – 5 days, for more than one participant* (€700 + IVA each)

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Detailed program

Day 1 – 6th June 2022 – Title: What is Toyota Production System – part 1                  

  1. What is TPS
    • Accumulation of small improvements
    • TPS is always changing
  2. Gemba walk
    • What is Gemba
    •  How to do Gemba Walk
  3. Built in Quality
  4. Genryu Kanri – Source control

Day 2 – 20th June 2022 – Title: What is Toyota Production System – part 2

  1. Elimination of waste
    • Definition of waste
  2. Standardization
  3. Visual management
  4. Motivation of workers
    • Don’t blame the workers

Day 3 – 27th June 2022 – Title: Leadership and Building people  

  1. What is Leadership
    • Show your back
    • Assessment of a leader
  2. Hitozukuri – building people / Monozukuri – building products
    • Team work
    • OJT – On the Job Training
  3. Hoshin Kanri – Objectives control

Day 4 – 4th July 2022 – Title: Problem solving and continuous improvement  

  1. Problem solving
    • Definition of problem
    • A3 problem solving?
  2. Continuous improvement
  3. Jishuken – Autonomous improvement activity by suppliers

Day 5 – 11th July 2022 – Title: Suppliers management

  1. Suppliers selection
  2. Suppliers relationship
    • Win-Win relationship
  3. Developing suppliers
    • Long term relationship


Ritsuo Shingo graduated from Waseda University, considered one of Japan’s “Ivy League” schools, with a degree in law in 1970, and joined Toyota Motors right after graduation. After more than ten years working in various positions at Toyota in Japan, Mr. Shingo was transferred to Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. where he worked as a purchasing manager for a few years. Mr. Shingo was then asked to help with the startup of the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, U.S.A. After a few years in Kentucky, Mr. Shingo helped with the startup of the Toyota plant in the United Kingdom. Returning to Japan in the mid-1990s, Mr. Shingo joined the China office in Japan where he worked on setting up potential ventures in China.

Mr. Shingo’s experience in China started when he was appointed as president of Toyota’s joint venture operation in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in early 1999. Mr. Shingo ran the joint venture company for three years before moving to Beijing to join Toyota’s China office. After a little over two years working in that office, Mr. Shingo was appointed president of Hino Motors in China, including the joint venture production facility in Guangzhou, China. Mr. Shingo’s final assignment in China was president of the Toyota Research and Service Center, also located in Guangzhou. Mr. Shingo returned to Japan after about 14 years in China. Ritsuo Shingo is the son of Dr. Shigeo Shingo, considered as the co-founder of Toyota Producion System (TPS). He’s member of the Shingo Institute Executive Advisory Board and President of Institute of Management Improvement, the company started by his father. He’s the author of the book “La mia idea di Leadership”, ed. Turbo Press.


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Becoming a game changing leader

How to be a successful leader who can bring significant positive impact to the team

Two days session:

  • Day1: How to build an organization driven by powerful goals
    Wednesday, 19 Jan 2022 (Italy/Japan)
  • Day2: How to lead your team with confidence
    Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022 (Italy/Japan)

Duration: 120 minutes on each day
Language: English